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  • Credible is a marketplace helping you find and compare personal loan offers from vetted financial partners.
  • Fill out a simple, two-minute form, and instantly see which lenders you qualify for and at what rates.
  • Get personalized, prequalified rates based on your credit history.
  • Checking your pre-qualified rates with Credible will not affect your credit score.
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Credible is a marketplace helping you to compare financial products from multiple providers side-by-side. Credible is not a lender, a bank or a credit card issuer but partners with vetted financial service providers.

Credible Compare Personal Loan Offers

Credible Personal Loan Marketplace helps you prequalify for personal loans from multiple lenders with one simple application. Once you prequalify, review your offers and select a lender in your dashboard. This will prompt you to continue the process directly with the lender you’ve chosen.

With Credible, you get personalized prequalified rates with a soft credit inquiry which does not impact your credit score.

Features & Terms

  • Loan Amounts – Borrow between $1,000 – $50,000.
  • One application – Complete one application to receive multiple offers from different lenders.
  • Soft credit inquiry – Determine if you prequalify first before a hard inquiry is made.
  • Multiple offers – Shop for best rates and terms in one place.
  • Various interest rates – Loan options for borrowers from excellent to poor credit scores.
  • No obligation – There is no commitment to take any loans for which you prequalify.
  • Loan terms – Terms of your loans are provided by the lender you’ve chosen and funded your loan.


  • No fees – Credible does not charge any fees to use the marketplace.

What makes Credible Personal Loan Marketplace different?

  • Save time and your credit score – Prequalify with a soft credit inquiry instead of applying to multiple lenders separately.
  • Get personalized prequalified rates – A soft credit inquiry will help you determine if you are prequalified and what rates are available to you based on your credit profile.
  • Use the loan for any purpose – You decide how to use your loan proceeds for things like purchases, consolidation, home improvement, or any other reason.
  • Multiple lenders in the marketplace – This means many borrowers across a range of credit scores may be eligible for a loan.

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