Digital Financial Assistant / Trim

  • Personal finance assistant communicates via text messages
  • Automates ways to save you money by analyzing accounts for recurring subscriptions
  • Cancels subscriptions, negotiate cable bills and finds better car insurance rates
  • Free basic service offering: spending analysis, recommendation, and cancellations
  • Upgraded pay-per-service offering: financial coaching, cable bill and credit card rate negotiations
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Trim is a virtual personal assistant that helps you automatically save by analyzing your spending and negotiating with service providers. With Trim, you can also cancel subscriptions and dispute charges.

Trim is a free app using artificial intelligence to help you manage your money using SMS text or Facebook Messenger. Connect your accounts with Trim and it’ll start working for you to help you understand your spending habits and offer advice to help you save and do the work for you. Trim uses bank-level security.

Are you looking for ways to save more money? I’m a big fan of tools that help me manage my money more effortless. I’m always on the search for apps that aren’t bloated and makes it easier to make decisions. There are many apps on the market that help you monitor your spending but Trim sets itself apart by using artificial intelligence and automation.

What Is Trim?

Trim is a virtual and automated assistant that analyzes your spending and offers you ways to save. Trim does a lot of the heavy lifting by analyzing your spending with the accounts you’ve connected. With Trim, it will offer you ways to save money by canceling your subscriptions, negotiating cable contracts, and help you find better insurance options, and much more.

Spend Tracking And Updates By Text Message Or Facebook Messenger

This feature helps you understand how you’re spending your money by analyzing your recent transactions. It categorizes your spending and you can easily ask Trim how much you’re spending on let’s say groceries or a specific company like Amazon. You can ask for balance information and when you discover fees automatically request to have them reversed.

Find And Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

Sometimes we continue to pay for subscriptions for services we no longer use or paying more than we should. Trim analyzes your transactions to find these recurring subscriptions. It will let you know what they are and you can ask Trim to cancel it for you.

Negotiate Your Cable Or Internet Bill

Trim can negotiate your cable or internet bill down for you. Trim works with Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, and other providers. This is how Trim makes some money to keep its operation going. After successfully negotiating your cable bill, Trim will take a 25% one-time cut of the savings. For example, save $50 and Trim will take $15. Additionally, Trim monitors for outages and request credit.

Save On Purchases Automatically

You can connect your Visa credit card and automatically get cash back for purchases without having to look for coupons or use an app.

Do You Really Need Another App?

I would be the first to tell you simplicity is best but Trim isn’t another app. Trim is an AI chatbot service. You are conversing with Trim through SMS text or Facebook Messenger to get the answers you need and to do the work like canceling subscriptions.

How To Get Started With Trim And Start Saving

Sign up for Trim online and use Facebook or email and enter your phone number. You’ll enter your online banking logins and it will then have access to your linked accounts. Once you’re signed on to Trim, it will begin analyzing your accounts. You’ll begin to get messages about your accounts.

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