An Intelligent Assistant Helping You Manage Money / Cleo

  • Use the power of AI to save more, control your finances and stick it to the banks
  • Get roasted about your spending, money horoscopes, and more
  • Stay on top of your money with a custom budget that tracks your spending and gives you a clear path to any goal
  • Play games and get quizzed to build financial awareness and potentially win some cash
  • Cleo can automatically set money aside each week based on your spending
Get Started

Cleo is an AI-powered chatbot that sits above your bank account and analyzes your spending. Cleo doesn’t mince words and will tell you how your spending your money and what you need to do about it. The app doesn’t take a backseat.

The app analyzes your finances and helps you create budgets and offer a range of tools. Celo can also “roast” you about your money.

How Cleo Works

Get started with Cleo by opening an account in under 2 minutes. Connect your accounts so Cleo can analyze your transactions. Then, start asking Cleo about your finances.

Cleo looks at your transactions in read-only mode. It uses AI to sort your transaction history, calculating and spotting interesting spending trends, habits and lets you keep track of budgets. Cleo also allows you to view your balance, check direct debits, latest transactions, and see your spending per category.

Cleo uses Facebook Messenger to communicate with you. None of your banking credentials are stored or accessed by Facebook’s servers.

Who is Cleo Best For

Anyone who needs in your face financial support. Cleo will let you know how you’re doing with your money and won’t sugar coat it for you.


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An Intelligent Assistant Helping You Manage Money / CleoAn Intelligent Assistant Helping You Manage Money / Cleo

An Intelligent Assistant Helping You Manage Money / Cleo