• Manage Payments and Payoff Credit Card Debt Faster / Tally

    • Tally is an intelligent financial app helping people with a suite of credit card repayment tools that figures out which cards to pay off first.
    • Free to download and there are no charges to use the app.
    • Credit Card Manager monitors your balances, APRs and due dates for you all in one place
    • Debt Manager tracks your credit card balances and makes your minimum payments for you.
    • Get late fee protection with a line of credit so you never have to pay another late fee again
  • Personal Loans / Upstart Lending

    Personal Loans / Upstart Lending

    • A technology company that uses artificial intelligence to help make loan decisions using other qualifying factors and not solely based on the FICO score.
    • Offers a one-stop marketplace to apply for personal loans
    • Personal loans for debt or credit card consolidation, auto purchases, medical debt payments, home improvement, business operations, and other large purchase needs
    • Your lender will be a bank that Upstart has partnered with to provide you with a loan offer
    • Check your rate without an affect your credit score
  • Credit Card Consolidation Loan / Payoff

    Credit Card Consolidation Loan / Payoff

    • Apply for a credit card consolidation loan and pay off debt fastest
    • Get lower interest with one simple monthly payment
    • No need to cut up your cards or close accounts
    • Checking rate will not impact your credit score
    • Once approved, select term, submit documents and get funds direct deposited
  • Personal Loans For Any Reason SoFi

    Personal Loans For Any Reason / SoFi

    • Fixed personal loan rates and payments
    • Checking your rate will not affect your credit score
    • Personal loans to pay off credit cards, pay off high-interest debt or make a major purchase
    • 100% completely fee-free – no fees origination, prepayment or late fees. Just pay interest
    • Simple online application and access to live customer support 7 days a week

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