• Financial Football Game

    Financial Football / Game

    • Visa and the National Football League have teamed up to create Financial Football
    • A fast-paced, interactive game that engages students while teaching them personal finance skills
    • Features 3D graphics and game-changing opportunities with audibles, blitzes, and game-breaking plays.
    • The game is available to play for free through iOS and Android apps and online.
  • Financial Soccer / Game

    • Financial Soccer game puts your financial skills to the test with the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Brazil-branded version.
    • Fast-paced, multiple-choice question game with improved graphics and additional questions.
    • Tests your money management skills as you advance down the field and try to score.
    • Provided by Visa’s Practical Money Skills.
  • Money Metropolis Game

    Money Metropolis / Game

    • Ages 7 – 12 years old
    • Money Metropolis allows young children to navigate a multi-dimensional world
    • Make life decisions that will affect your virtual bank accounts to shrink or grow
    • Complete tasks like raking leaves, mowing lawns and babysitting adds money to your virtual accounts
    • Save or spend in the virtual store
  • Peter Pig's Money Counter Game

    Peter Pig’s Money Counter / Game

    • Ages 5 – 8 years old
    • Learn about money with Peter Pig
    • An interactive game, practice identifying, counting and saving money while learning fun facts about U.S. currency.
    • After completing the game, get rewarded with a trip to the virtual store to buy accessories within budget and dress up Peter Pig in fun scenes.
  • The Payoff Game

    The Payoff / Game

    • Ages 14 years old and up
    • In The Payoff game, play the role of Alex or Jess, two up-and-coming video bloggers
    • Prepare for a life-changing video competition while managing their finances and handling unexpected events
    • In the immersive game, help Alex and Jess make smart financial decisions within the tight three-day deadline
    • Complete their video for the competition
  • Countdown to Retirement Game

    Countdown to Retirement / Game

    • Learn how saving decisions can impact your life playing Countdown to Retirement.
    • In this virtual world, you will start your first job, earn promotions and see your salary increase.
    • Make housing and transportation decisions and the choices you make will impact your retirement.
  • Cash Puzzler / Game

    Cash Puzzler / Game

    • Ages 3 to 6 years old
    • Memory puzzles are some of the first games young children play
    • Put the scrambled pieces of the puzzle back together to complete the image of a dollar bill
    • Choose between 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bill puzzles
    • Learn fun facts about Benjamin Franklin, Ulysses S. Grant and more
  • Spent Can You Make It Through the Month Game

    Spent: Can You Make It Through the Month? / Game

    • The Spent game is offered by the Urban Ministries of Durham and created by the ad agency McKinney.
    • The game starts with educating players on the reality that over 14 million people
    • Make choices between housing, food or healthcare
    • Start with $1,000 for one month and must make decisions based on circumstances many people face.
    • The game ends when players either run out of money before the end of the month or make it through with money left over.

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