• Digit Save Money Automatically with AI phroogal

    Digit Save Money Automatically with AI

    • Digit analyzes your spending and automatically saves the perfect amount every day.
    • Algorithms learn how you spend and know when to save or take a break.
    • Share what you’re saving for and AI creates a budget for your next vacation, pay off credit cards, or put money away for a rainy day.
    • Get 30 days Digit free then just $5/month.
  • Atom Finance Make Informed Investment Decisions

    Atom Finance Make Informed Investment Decisions

    • Atom provides a modern investment research platform that empowers users to make informed investment decisions.
    • Investment research tools you need in one platform, including institutional-quality resources that were once only available to Wall Street professionals.
    • Join for free and simple signup.
  • LowerMyBills Navigate Your Finances phroogal Navigate Your Finances

    • LowerMyBills is focused on helping you navigate your finances.
    • Provides the best ways to lower your bills, make extra money, and plan for your future.
    • Compare service providers across mortgage, credit cards, loans, insurance, banking, home services, and personal finance.
  • Truebill Lower Your Monthly Expenses

    • Truebill makes it easy to optimize your spending by helping you manage subscriptions and lower your bills.
    • Get a complete picture of your finances, track your spending, cancel unwanted subscriptions, lower bills, and start a savings account.
    • Available on Apple and Android. Easily connect your account.
    • The fee is 40% of your savings. If you save $100, they take $40. If Truebill can’t negotiate any savings, you pay nothing.
  • Charlie Assistant Your Very Own Money Prodigy

    • Charlie Assistant is a free financial tracking app and your very own money-saving penguin friend.
    • Chat with Charlie using Facebook Messenger or SMS.
    • Get a message about your banking balances, transactions, and ways to save money.
    • Review how you’re spending your money and stay on top of your budget.
    • Simple, straight-to-the-point, friendly, and non-intrusive chats about your money.



  • Cleo Financial Assistant Helping You Budget and Manage Money

    Cleo Financial Assistant Helping You Budget and Manage Money

    • Cleo uses the power of AI to save more, control your finances, and stick it to the banks.
    • Stay on top of your money with a custom budget that tracks your spending and gives you a clear path to any goal.
    • Get roasted about your spending, money horoscopes, and more.
    • Set aside savings automatically.
  • Trim Financial Assistant to Save Money Easily phroogal

    Trim Financial Assistant to Save Money Easily

    • Trim is a personal finance assistant that automates ways to save you money by analyzing accounts for recurring subscriptions, negotiate cable bills and finds better car insurance rates, and more.
    • Free basic service offering: spending analysis, recommendation, and cancellations.
    • Upgraded pay-per-service offering: financial coaching, cable bill, and credit card rate negotiations.

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