9 Unconventional Ways to Supplement Your Income

A few years ago, I needed to find ways to earn money to supplement my income. I sold stuff on Craigslist and consulted with credit unions. I also completed online surveys and product reviews.

Eventually, I learned other creative ways to earn money doing many different things.

You can earn money before and after your 9-5 job or by simply sharing your stuff or selling your things.

Whatever your reason to earn more money (pay off debt, save for an emergency, or just have more), here are 9 ways you can earn money without having to take on a traditional part-time job.

Spend time with seniors and children

Do you love taking care of others? Want to help seniors, adults, and children by providing care on your free time? You can sign up for adult-care and babysitting websites to help you earn extra money. All caregivers go through background checks. Care.com, for instance, help parents find babysitters when they want to go on a date night. That’s an opportunity for you to earn a few extra dollars.

Give your time to dogs

Dog lovers know it’s hard to see their beloved pet boarded up in a kennel. If you love dogs, earn money pet sitting or walking dogs in your free time. There are hundreds of people in a few miles that have to travel for work or going on a family vacation and need their furry family member taken care of.

9 Unconventional Ways to Supplement Your Income phroogalMake money from your closet

Are you tired of seeing that overstuffed closet? Don’t let those designer clothes collect dust. You can sell your fashionable clothes and items online or on mobile apps. Think about all the clothes you once wore but no longer desire to wear. There are people who want them. Make money back and sell them to someone else. You can sell your item on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

Complete tasks for others

Do you have time to put together an Ikea desk or cleaning out a garage? Earn money by helping others complete daily tasks on your time. There are many people who need help completing simple daily tasks. You can earn money from busy moms to overloaded entrepreneurs who need help picking up groceries or help cleaning after a party.

Rent out your boat

Okay so not everyone has a boat but if you do, consider offsetting the cost of boat ownership by renting your boat. You can do this through online marketplaces where you can list your boat and make money.

Share your home or spare bedroom

There is a growing demand by travelers to rent homes and bedroom outside of hotels and resorts. Everyone has their reasons to rent your space whether it’s due to location, availability, or affordability. In some cases, you’re hosting the traveler and acting as a local guide. Make money renting your home or spare bedroom temporarily.

Proofread resumes, create logos, and write for others

If you’re the creative kind, then you should consider making money from your talent. There are people looking for talented individuals who can write articles, design logos, do voice-over work, proofread resumes, and make short videos.

Become a local tour guide

You can earn money as a local guide showing people and helping them discover the area. This is an opportunity to share deeper insight into the neighborhood and city you live in. The hardest part of making money as a tour guide is finding the travelers but many marketplaces have made it easier to supplement your income in your city. If you want flexibility and meet people from all around the world, then this may be a great way to do so and make money.

Help entrepreneurs as a virtual assistant

Many entrepreneurs need help with email, research, data input, and outreach. Most virtual assistants (VAs) complete routine tasks. You can earn money as a virtual assistant by spending your time helping entrepreneurs. As a virtual assistant, you’ll have assigned tasks and a set amount of hours per week. You work remotely and won’t be required to come into an office.

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