How to Make Money in Less Than an Hour with These Money Hacks

How to Make $118 in Less Than an Hour with These Money Hacks

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How to Make Money These Hacks in Less than an HourMaking money is one of the most requested articles from the community. And it’s understandable because there really is a limited number of expenses one can cut. The key to mastering money and living our best lives is figuring out ways to increase income.

I’ve written about the differences between making money and earning money. I’ve also shared creative ways to supplement your income. Those happen to be some of my more popular posts on Today, I wanted to share with you a money hack that will add dollars to your bank accounts. It’s true nothing in life is free but there are ways to participate in the system to get dollars with very little effort.

Some of these money hacks are time-sensitive so you’ll have to complete them before a deadline to take advantage of the cashback or bonus that’s being offered. Other offers require you to sign up, attached an account, or simply complete a profile. I use these apps and services myself.

Why would companies pay you? Think of it as part of their marketing expense to attract new customers.

And remember, you’ll have the option to close the account, but I suggest you actually learn how to use them to improve your finances.

I haven’t included any service that requires a large deposit. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. And, if you decide to use the link in this article, the companies send me coins that help fuel my financial wellness mission. I thank you ahead of time for your support.

Here are my ways for you to make $118 in one hour.

Open Savings Accounts ($35)

With the reality that most people don’t have $400 saved to cover an emergency, it’s important to have savings accounts that have automation features that make it easy to save.

Get a Capital One 360 savings account = $25

Capital One 360 provides online banking along with many brick-and-mortar branches that make managing your money simple. Capital One 360 offers free savings account with no fees or minimums and plus access to over 39,000 fee-free Allpoint® ATMs. The $25 bonus is for new customers only for new savings accounts and requires a $250 opening deposit. The bonus is automatically added once the account is opened. You’re unable to access the bonus until after 30 days. Earning $25 on $250 in one month is a pretty good simple return of 10% in 30 days.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $25 Capital One 360 Bonus”]

Get Qapital savings account = $5

Qapital is a mobile banking app with intelligence that automatically saves money for you based on savings rules and activity triggers. Saving is simple and easy.  Your savings with Qapital are FDIC insured because your funds are held with Wells Fargo Bank, NA. Qapital is not a bank, but a banking app that helps you save for your savings goals. It is also a mobile-only app available for iOS and Android phones. Once you’ve opened an account and connected your external account for transfers, you’ll be notified of your $5 bonus signup.

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Get Rize savings account = $5

Rize is a financial services app that helps you save money. It’s a micro-savings account launched in 2017 with a very mobile friendly website. Rize app will help you automatically save money from your existing checking account through transfers. Rize is a registered SEC investment advisor. Rize does not set a monthly fee allowing you to choose how much to pay for the service received. You’ll get a $5 bonus for opening an account which gets deposited into your new Rize account.

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Open Checking Accounts ($30)

Okay, so you say you don’t want or need any more checking accounts. But, you should still check out these checking accounts that have no fees. Not only are you going to make some money opening the accounts, you’ll save money without having to pay those increasing bank fees.

Get a Simple checking account = $20

Simple Banking is an online and mobile only financial services company offering a free checking account, debit card, and mobile app. Simple’s online and mobile experience will capture the on-the-go and mobile person. You also can’t beat a financial institution that doesn’t charge any fees. Once you successfully make your first purchase with your new Simple card, $20 will appear in your account. So this means you’ll need to deposit money into your new account. You can do so by connecting an existing checking account.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $20 Simple Bonus”]

Get a Chime spending and savings account – $10

Chime is a mobile-only bank that offers a checking (spending) account to track your money and a savings account to effortlessly save. Additionally, when using your Chime card, it rounds the purchase amount to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into savings. There are no monthly account fees, overdraft fees, and no minimum balance required. With Chime, you have access to over 24,000 ATMs. With Chime, you’ll make your bonus once you’ve made an opening deposit.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $10 Chime Bonus”]

Open Investing Accounts ($15)

This is the list of accounts that will pay you to open an account with them. The micro-investing apps are very useful in helping you create wealth with small amounts. My goal here for you isn’t to just get the $15 but for you to seriously consider investing.

Get Acorns = $5

Acorns is an automated savings tool and investing app that rounds up purchases on linked debit and credit cards and invests your change. A great app for those looking to start investing. There are no account minimum balance requirements, nor will they charge a fee for an account with a zero balance. There is a $1 per month for account balances under $5,000. Get started with an Acorns account with as little as $5.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $5 Acorns Bonus”]

Get Stockpile = $5

Stockpile is an online broker that lets you buy and sell stocks. With Stockpile, you can buy fractional shares of stocks starting at $25. Stockpile also sells gift cards that can be used towards the purchase of stocks or exchange-traded funds. Stockpile accounts are held through Stockpile Investments, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, a FINRA member, and SIPC participant. There are no monthly fees or minimums to keep the account open.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $5 Stockpile Bonus”]

Get Stash Invest = $5

Stash Invest is an app that allows you to start investing with as little as $5 with an easy to use platform and theme-based investment options. It’s investing and an educational resource rolled into a useful app. Stash offers 30 different themed investments from which investors can choose risk tolerance and personal preferences. Stash is an investment app that helps beginner investors select exchange-traded funds by using themes based on risk tolerance, values, interests, and goals. There is a $5 minimum required investment and a $1 monthly fee for account balances under $5,000.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $5 Stash Bonus”]

Use Cashback Shopping Accounts ($25)

I want you to know that “cashbacks” are not made or earned money. You are getting back the money you’ve spent. I am a believer, however, in getting the lowest possible price in anything you want to or need to purchase. These sites and apps come in handy.

Start Using Ebates = $10

Ebates is an online shopping portal that helps you earn cash back on your purchases with over 2,000 retailers. If you shop online, starting your shopping through Ebates can help you earn back some of your shopping dollars. This is an easy way spending less on what you need and want and getting back a percentage of your spending. There are over 2,000 retailers available on Ebates. You can literally find any retailer you shop often and earn back some spending cash. Join Ebates and remember to start your online or mobile shopping on Ebates website or app to track your purchases and get cashback. After spending $25, you’ll receive $10 bonus.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $10 Ebates Bonus”]

Start Using ibotta = $10

Ibotta is a free mobile app that enables you to receive rebates for your purchases. Get cash back for shopping at your favorite stores, websites, and for dining and travel purchases. Rebates are dollar amounts or a percentage of your purchases. There is no cost to use ibotta. To earn your $10, you must claim one rebate within 7 days of opening an account.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $10 ibotta Bonus”]

Start Using Dosh = $5

Dosh is a cash back app and linked loyalty program that automatically helps you “earn” cash back from products and services. Dosh pays you when you buy goods and groceries, book hotel stays, for online shopping, eating at restaurants, and even shopping at local retail stores. After signing up and connecting a card (debit or credit), you’ll receive your bonus.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $5 Dosh Bonus”]

Complete Surveys ($13)

Join Swagbucks = $5

Swagbucks is a legitimate website that helps you earn Swagbucks points that can be redeemed for gift cards.  With Swagbucks, you can earn points through searching, shopping, completing surveys, and watching shows through the Swagbucks website or apps. Sign up for a free account and start earning. In order to get the $5 bonus, you’ll need to earn 2500 SB points in 60 days which can be following a checklist.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $5 Swagbucks Bonus”]

Join Mobee = $3

Mobee is a fun way to earn money completing secret shops and audits using your phone. Mobee pays thousands of dollars to mystery shoppers every day. To earn money with Mobee, you’ll do shops at store locations. A smartphone is necessary to complete audits and shops. It takes less than 5 minutes to earn a free coffee. Use code “DST5” and get your first 300 points (equals $3.00).

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your $3 Mobee Bonus”]

Honorable Mentions (Varies)

I wish I can tell you how much you’ll make but that depends on how “lucky” you are. Robinhood gives new users a free share of stock and the value of that stock can vary greatly. For example, I’ve been given stocks with $3 and stocks worth $18.

Get Robinhood = Varies

Robinhood is a commission-free website and mobile stock trading app offered to iOS and Andriod users. You are able to make stock trades without fees. Robinhood is registered with the SEC, a member of FINRA and has Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance. There are no account minimum balance requirements, nor will they charge a fee for an account with a zero balance. Open the account and see what stock you’re given and the current value.

[button et_class=”” target=”_blank” style=”small” url=”″ icon=”” title=”Get Your Robinhood Bonus”]

My Smile Summary: Is it worth your time?

Considering that it does take some time to open these accounts, you can do so relatively quickly (in one hour or less). It may take some additional time to complete the account requirements to earn your bonus. Make sure you read my reviews and the terms of the individual companies.

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