How to Supplement Your Income Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

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Want to pay off student loan debt? Need to save money? Want to buy something for your loved one? Consider pet sitting and walking on your time to earn extra money on the side. This is a great gig for anyone. However, if you’re unemployed, retiree, work-at-home, or a student the flexibility might work best for you.

We can get pretty fanatic over our dogs.  At any given moment, my Facebook feed has friends posting pictures of their furry loved ones doing something pretty adorable.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find photos and videos of my parent’s dog. In fact, I’m smiling as I write the article because I can’t wait to see her again for our daily 1.5 miles walk around the park. The walks are made easier with a no-pull harness so she doesn’t choke and a retractable leash which allows her a bit more freedom.

Most of the people I know with dogs consider them a member of the family. They are included in family photos and their birthdays are celebrated too. That might be way too much for some people, but for us, our four-legged furry friends are important in our lives.

As a pet parent, you provide shelter, food, healthcare, and direction. In return, our furry family member showers us with affection. In a recent National Geographic article, research using MRIs show dogs experience feelings and certain parts of their brain are activated (similar to humans) when they experience a feeling.

This is why you might experience emotions when you leave your puppy behind when you go away on vacation or on a business trip. You’re pet experiences the same withdrawal too. I’m sure, like me, have left your dog alone for the first time, and come home to a torn-up apartment. They were expressing their emotion the only way they could.

Now, if you have to go away, you’ll consider family or friends to pet-sit for you. It’s a big responsibility and often times our friends do not have the time. In this case, we consider a kennel or a pet hotel (yes doggie hotels exist). Kennels can be crude and impersonal potentially scarring your furry loved one. On the other hand, a doggie hotel might cost you more than your mortgage payment.

So what alternative do pet parents have when they need to get away or can’t get out of work on time?

Earn extra money as a pet sitter and dog walker

There is a community of dog lovers who will walk your dog or pet sit them when you are unable to. In fact, many people are supplementing their income dog walking and dog sitting.

As a dog lover (and future dog sitting and walking entrepreneur), you can join communities that connect you with dog owners who need your services locally. Supplement your income by opening up your pet-friendly home to a pet parent in need. You can earn money walking dogs too.

Best of all you get to decide what days and what hours to work. There’s flexibility. You can work as much or as little as you want. (the largest pet walking and pet sitting marketplace) states a top sitter can make up to $7,000 a month. Now, that’s some pet-loving money.

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