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How to Find a Secret Shopper Job

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As a secret shopper, you’ll work with legitimate companies that assign jobs to you based on client needs. These jobs take place at retail stores, car dealerships, and restaurants. After successfully completing a secret shopper job, you’ll submit feedback and any receipts, wait for the approval, and get paid.

To get a secret shopper job, you’ll need to apply to a legitimate company with a track record of success and good ratings on reputable websites such as Better Business Bureau.

Once accepted to a legitimate secret shopper company, you’ll wait until jobs are available in your area.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a secret shopper job to come your way. You’ll get jobs when there are jobs. And when you do get jobs, completing them as required and on time, will ensure your secret shopper company contact will continue to send you to shops.

While you wait for jobs, find other ways to supplement your income.

Beware of online scammers pretending to be secret shopper companies. They typically will tell you to cash checks and send them money. Other sites and people might ask you to pay money upfront to access secret shopping jobs. A legitimate secret shopper company with jobs will not ask you for money. Be mindful and trust your instincts.

How to find secret shopper jobs

  1. Visit the phroogal financial marketplace for mystery or secret shopping opportunities.
  2. Research and don’t ever pay to get a secret shopper job.
  3. Read the guide on how to find legitimate secret shopper jobs.
  4. Review our list of legitimate secret shopper apps that will help you earn money performing secret shops, store audits, and simple tasks.

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