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Get Started on Your Financial Wellness Journey

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Welcome to your journey on the Road to Financial Wellness.

Get Started on the Road to Financial WellnessI want you to achieve your life goals and experience less financial stress. In reading this, you’re taking a very important step in mastering money and living well.

The goal of this resource page is to help you understand the connection between money and stress. And provide you with the knowledge, access, and resources to improve your financial well-being.

What is financial wellness? Financial wellness is a state of healthy living through the active pursuit of financial knowledge, planning, and goal setting to live your best life. Financial wellness means feeling confident and secure. It means being prepared for the unexpected and having a plan that lessens financial uncertainties.

The financial wellness journey

To improve your financial wellbeing, you’ll need to better understand your relationship with money and how it impacts your behaviors and habits. Your money beliefs influence your financial decisions and that’s where we need to start to create long-lasting change.

What do you hope to achieve on your journey? Would you like to Live Better, Retire Well, Create Wealth, Control Credit, achieve Debt Freedom, and gain Career Mobility?

This is your financial wellness journey. It may be challenging at times, but the work you do will be life-changing.

And then continue your journey with these articles:

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Improve your relationship with money

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More specific financial issues causing stress?

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  3. How to Ask for a Pay Raise

Managing money well and financial planning results in more time to pursue passions that contribute to a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. Learn how to enhance your financial wellness skills to:


Jason Vitug

Jason is the founder of phroogal, creator of the award winning project Road to Financial Wellness, and author of the bestseller and New York Times reviewed book, You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life.

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