One Million Free Credit Score Challenge

Join us in breaking the taboo on credit scores and learn how to improve your relationship with credit.

Do you believe that you should have access to free credit scores?

We’re breaking the social taboo about credit and giving you access to a free credit score!

Your credit score is one of the financial numbers you need to know. And although it isn’t the most important financial number, it plays a role in your life and in our society. That is why you should keep track of your score and monitor the information on your credit report.

Read the entire post or join the challenge immediately and get access to your free credit score.

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I believe it’s important that you have access to your credit score. It’s a good way of determining how you’re managing credit and the potential issues that may arise with the uncontrolled use of credit–debt.

So today, I’m excited to share my challenge to give 1 million people access to a free credit score through our partner Credit Sesame.

My Mission

My mission is to empower 1 million people by giving them access to a free credit score.

14 free credit scores given to date

999,986 more to go

>>> Join the challenge and get your free credit score today! <<<

**No credit card required. It takes 30 seconds and does not impact your credit.

We’ve partnered with Credit Sesame to give you a free credit score. Credit Sesame is an affiliate partner and when you choose to get your credit score, we earn a commission that helps fuel our mission, at no cost to you, ever. Read my review of Credit Sesame.

Our Goal

  • Break the social taboo about credit scores
  • Debunk myths and share factual information about healthy scores
  • Demystify credit and credit reports to get better financing options

The Challenge

Get your free credit score and share the score, if you wish, with your family and friends and on social and become a free credit score challenger. Just make sure you don’t share any other information you don’t want other people to know.

Social media posts idea:

I’m breaking the taboo on credit because I’m more than my score. My score is [650] and I challenge you [tag family or friends] to break the credit taboo too. Join me and get your free score  #freescore

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>>> Join the challenge and get your free credit score today! <<<

Nothing makes people cringe than asking for their credit score.

We’ve found people are more willing to talk about their views on politics, religion, and sex. Ask someone about their score, they choke up, laugh, and…oh..that uncomfortable silence. Some even get defensive and outright offended.

Is credit more intimate than the number of people you’ve dated?

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your credit score. And our goal is to make you comfortable in sharing your score as an initial step to learn you’re more than your score. My hope is that you’ll become active in your pursuit to understand your relationship with credit and learn how to establish, maintain, improve, or fix your credit.

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So what’s your score?

Get your free credit score from Credit Sesame. And we challenge you to share it without guilt, shame or pride.

Credit score matters because it’s a reflection of the information found on your credit report. The information on your credit report is based on how you’ve handled credit in the past and managing it today. The score makes it easier to see where you stand.

join 1 million free credit score challenge pinterestCredit is misunderstood

Credit is a source of stress for many people. And most people don’t understand what it really means or how it impacts their financial lives (aside from approval or denial of credit).

We believe if we get people to see their credit scores for the very first time, they’ll start asking questions.

If we can ignite your curiosity about credit through credit scores, then we’re sure you’ll become proactive in improving your relationship with credit and find ways to establish, maintain, improve, and fix your credit.

Why a free credit score challenge?

In a perfect world, you’d be on top of the information found on your credit report, but with so many other things competing for your time, we know that a three-digit number is a much easier way to grab your attention.

The idea is to get you to feel comfortable accessing your credit score and using an app to monitor your credit profile. Doing so can shift your relationship with credit and improve your financial habits. The more credit knowledge you have can lead to better financing options, less debt, and more freedom.

Ready to join the challenge? Get your free score in 30 seconds with Credit Sesame. It’s that simple and easy.

Get My Free Score Now

Why do I want 1 million people to get their free credit score?

It’s simple. Credit is a part of life whether you agree or disagree with it. Having a healthy credit report and a strong credit score is part of financial well-being.

Why 1 million people?

It’s a big goal that people said is impossible to reach and too ambitious. I’m ready to take this challenge because if I can help one person change their relationship with credit, I have just changed one life. Now, it excites me to think 1 million lives can be positively changed.

I truly believe if we set a high enough goal we may garner the right attention to help break the stigma about credit scores.

Why credit scores?

Federal law mandates credit bureaus to provide us access to a free copy of our credit report every 12 months. But everyone talks about credit scores. They are often used interchangeably and are in fact two different things. Using credit scores as the challenge is an easy way to get you interested. The three-digit number is a quick and visual way to determine where you stand with credit. My hope is that you’ll get motivated to pull your credit report, monitor your credit, and proactively seek ways to maintain, improve, or fix your credit.

Our Partners

You have many options to get your free credit score from apps to credit cards to financial institutions. There are a few bait-and-switch companies out there that lure you with a free trial. Now, there’s nothing wrong with paying for a credit report monitoring service or to get your credit score. We just believe with so many free options available, why not use them instead?

Why Credit Sesame?

I chose Credit Sesame because I’ve used their product for years–5 years to be exact. I know the product well. Credit Sesame believes in giving people more control over their credit. They do this by offering a free credit score, credit report monitoring service, and a $50,000 identity theft insurance policy to each user. They use up-to-date high-level security to protect your information. Additionally, they only require a small amount of information to get your score.

For complete transparent, I’m an affiliate of Credit Sesame and they pay me every single time a new person signs up for the service at no cost to you. The money earned help me continue to create content and push forward on my mission. Credit Sesame was also a sponsor of our San Francisco Pit Stop on the Road to Financial Wellness. The Credit Sesame team believes in our mission and it’s a product we can put our smile brand behind.

What are you waiting for? Get your free credit score today!

Get your free credit score in 30 seconds.


“I was able to improve my credit by monitoring my score and making changes based on recommendations.” Ralph B., San Jose, CA


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Credit Report and Scores Guide

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