What’s your Story on the Road to Financial Wellness Part 2

What’s your Story on the Road to Financial Wellness? Part 2

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This is the second part of our financial wellness blogger series. You can read the first part here.

We asked bloggers around the country to share their financial stories on the road to financial wellness. We quoted some of our favorite nuggets of truth, but encourage you to click on the links and read their stories. You just might find yourself inspired and motivated to take action.

What’s your Story on the Road to Financial Wellness Part 2

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Blog: Planting Money Seeds
Twitter: @MMarquit

“In basic terms, financial wellness is a healthy relationship with money. It’s not about following someone else’s idea of what you should be doing with your money. Your own financial wellness is about your relationship with money. ”

Read Miranda’s story on what financial wellness means to her and how you can define what it means for you.

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Blog: Bright Cents

“Unbeknownst to me, spending less on those things was kind of like my experimental introduction to finance. It slowly got a little better over time – I was saving some money, not going out as much and not buying lunch at work. I learned what a 401k was, and didn’t stop the automatic 3% deduction my job had set up. I was starting to pay attention to my spending, but still had trouble understanding everything.”

Learn more about Chenell’s story on how she paid off more than $20,000 in debt in the last 14 months and her plans for the future.

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Blog: Teens Got Cents
Twitter: @TeensGotCents

“So many people think that teens don’t care about money but that just isn’t true. We do care. We wonder how we are ever going to afford to buy a car, or go to college without racking up tens of thousands in debt, and even how we can do those things and eventually be able to purchase a home and have a family. I admit that we also think a lot about video games and lip gloss but we are concerned about our future.”

Read Eva’s story on how to set up your financial future using an envelope system.

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Blog: Young Finances
Twitter: @YoungFinances

“Everything you do now – good and bad – will affect how you treat money in your later years. Don’t think just because you’re young that what you do doesn’t matter. Caring about your finances is not something to do when you’re older – it’s something that starts now.”

Read LaTisha’s story on the importance of financial awareness to take control of finances today to create the life you want tomorrow.

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Blog: XYPlanningNetwork
Twitter: @R_Alan_Moore

“But this is us, as emotional creatures, placing feelings and creating stories around finance. In reality, you can use your money as a way to build the life you really want to live — and that can include very selfless, meaningful, and fulfilling things like volunteering your time, giving to charity, or working in some way to help better the lives of others.”

Read XYPlanning Network Founder Alan’s mission to empower a generation to ask the right questions and find the right experts.

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Blog: Cashville Skyline
Twitter: @CashvilleSky

“I immediately took a magnifying glass to my own budget, shaved my expenses as low as possible, and began saving between 40-50% of earnings. When my inevitable job burnout came last summer, I was able to quit my job and recharge for a few months while transitioning into my new career.”

Read Kate’s entire financial wellness story.

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Blog: The Froogal Stoodent

“Do yourself (and your budget!) a favor: try living a little bit more like a student. I promise; it’s not as bad as you imagine. And when you put your budget on a more student-like diet, you can shed your debt and free yourself from the shackles of worry! And isn’t it worthwhile to give yourself the gift of financial freedom?!”

Read Zach’s story on how his college lifestyle has proven to be a financial positive.

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Blog: Even Steven Money
Twitter: EvenStevenMoney

“The issue is so many people have financial troubles or do not know what to do with the money that a conversation has to be started.  It might start out as uncomfortable, but when you find out that someone is using a budget, paying off credit cards, or investing in the stock market it makes you think.  In the beginning, it might just be listening to the new material, but slowly you become interested in how to make your finances better.”

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Saint Louis

Podcast: MoneyPlanSOS with Steve Stewart
Twitter: SteveStewartMe

In the MoneyPlanSOS podcast, I share some great insights on how you can better manage your money and live the life you want.

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