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There are many types of credit unions and each falls into one of these specific categories. Find the right credit union that shares a common bond with you.

Employer credit unions – The credit unions that fall in this category serve a particular company or group of companies.   You must be a current employee of a company to join, belong to an organized union (e.g. teachers, police officers, government workers etc) or in some cases retired from a company.

Group credit unions – Your affiliation with a particular association can make you eligible to join.  These group focused credit unions include military, church groups, alumni associations, or service organizations.

Local credit unions – Usually known as community credit unions, local credit unions serve individuals within a specified community.  You must live, work or worship in a particular area in order to join a community credit union.

Federal credit unions – These credit unions serve a larger group of individuals and joining one doesn’t have as many limitations as the others described.  Most credit unions that fall into this category serve a national audience.

Your takeaway? Almost anyone can join a credit union.  You might realize you are eligible to join many and not just one.

You can even ask family members if they belong to a credit union.  Influenced my pro-credit union ways, a friend of mine asked her sister if she was a member of a credit union.  My friend became a member of her sister’s credit union and was recently approved for a mortgage.

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