How to improve your credit score

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Review the public information and collection accounts.

Verify the information is correct and dispute all inaccurate information. Contact the collection agencies that have placed a collection account on your credit report. Pay the entire amount owed or get a settlement but make sure you request a “pay for delete.” Take notes of the date, time, and person you’ve spoken with at the collection agency. If you’ll need to send additional information to the credit bureaus, you have additional information available.

Check each account for accuracy.

Review each tradeline for accuracies such as account limits, balances, and payment history.

Push delinquencies further in time.

Make on-time payments on any delinquent accounts and get them current. The older the delinquency the less impact on your credit score.

Increase your available credit.

You can request a credit line increase or apply for new credit lines to improve your credit utilization rate. Get a secured credit card or personal loan if you’re unable to get an unsecured credit line.

Depending on your individual situation there are a few ways to improve your credit score. We’ve compiled the top ways to improve your credit score.

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