How to find your student loan servicer

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Your federal student loans are assigned a servicer by the US Department of Education. The Department provides a database to access all your federal student loan information called the National Student Loan Database System.

With the NSLDS, you can find:

  • type of loans
  • original balances and outstanding balances
  • interest rates
  • loan statuses such as in repayment, deferment or forbearance
  • repayment history
  • and the servicer who is assigned your federal student loan

How to access the NSLDS

You will need to have your Federal Student Aid (FSA ID) ID number. This is the FSA ID you used when you first completed your FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you cannot remember your FSA ID, you can request the information to be sent to you.

You can learn more about student loan servicers and access a full list of student loan servicers at the Federal Student Aid website.

How to contact your student loan servicer

You will need information that verifies your identity such as your account number, name, social security number, addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Contact your loan servicer when you have changes to your name, address, phone or email.
  • Unable to make a loan payment due to a work shortage or job loss
  • During a period of long-term financial distress or family medical situations
  • Anytime you have a question about your student loans such as payoffs, loan forgiveness, deferment, income-based repayments, or forbearance benefits.

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