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You have the right to examine your credit file and to dispute inaccurate information. If you find inaccuracies on your credit report you can dispute the inaccurate information with the credit bureau or consumer reporting agency. Also, in most cases, you can file a direct dispute with the creditor that provided inaccurate information to the consumer reporting agency.

Be wary of credit experts who provide services to remove inaccurate and accurate information from your credit report for a fee. There are specific credit repair laws organizations must follow.

Get your free credit report

Request a copy of your credit report through AnnualCreditReport.com. If you find inaccurate information, you have the right to request changes. The credit bureau will contact the lender/creditor and attempt to verify the accuracy of the records.

Dispute the information online or through courier mail

Start the dispute process online directly with the credit bureau. Keep a log of the disputes you’re making, the date and time, and any information you are supplying to support your claim.

a. Document each time you communicate (written or verbal) with a lender or collections agent. Note the name of the agent, date, time and specifics of the conversations you’re having. Maintain copies of these records.

b. Often times your dispute may not result in your favor so it’s important to have the documents. You’ll have the opportunity to appeal.

What happens when the credit bureau suggests you contact the creditor or lender?

The credit bureau will verify the accuracy of the information on your credit report with the lender or reporting company. If you disagree, the credit bureau may direct you to contact the creditor or lender directly.

It will take time to fix your credit report and remove inaccuracies. Be patient and communicate with your creditors and the credit bureau. Continue to provide documentation or any additional information that supports your claim.

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