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Our inboxes are overflowing with offers and newsletters. This is the digital clutter. To improve your financial life be mindful of your email subscriptions and opt-ins. Use the tactics below to clear out your inbox and improve your communication.

Create separate email addresses

Family and Friends –Your first email address is for your family and close friends. Email is still a great way to communicate with others about important events and milestones

Banking Providers and Financial Apps  – Use a second email address for your banking providers and creditors. A separate email address can be an added layer of protection for your financial accounts. You’re not using the same email to access your bank accounts as you do your Facebook account.

Paid Subscriptions – A third email address can be used when you subscribe to paid services such as Netflix, utility companies, cellular services, etc.

Newsletters, Deals, and Opt-ins – There are times you may want to subscribe to a newsletter to get deals so keep these in a separate email address. Archive receipts from purchases or forward them to Paid Subscriptions email.

It may seem easier to create folders with your existing email instead of creating new email addresses. We’ve found separate email addresses keep the email communication line clean and may help to curtail identity theft risks.

Clean the Inbox Clutter

Unsubscribe from newsletters that you haven’t read in the past 30 days. Opt-out of unnecessary email messages that add to your inbox clutter. Having a strategy can improve your access to timely information and speed your response time.

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