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Recently a friend clued me into getting a $15 credit from Amazon that required very little work. It was actually quite simple to take advantage of this Amazon gift card promotion.

Amazon often targets specific shoppers with promotions to encourage you to try another product or service. This promotion seems to be targeted to first-time gift card buyers, but you can still easily determine if you’re eligible.

A purchase is required. Continue reading to find out how simple it is.

How the Amazon gift card promo works:

  1. Go to this Amazon page and click the button to add the Amazon promotion to your account. That’s it! If you’re not eligible, it will say: Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.
  2. Buy $50 worth of Amazon gift cards here and you’ll get a $15 credit in a matter of days.

Deadline: December 22, 2019, to get this promo

Simple right?

It’s sounds way too easy so I tried it out myself and it worked.

Since I’ve been an Amazon customer for years, I thought I had already bought gift cards through Amazon. I  was mistaken. I may have only bought gift cards at other websites and retailers, not directly through Amazon. So, this made me eligible for the promotion.

If you’ve only bought Amazon gift cards at other websites or retailers, you may still be eligible for this $15 credit promo.

You should see a message like this:

Amazon gift card 1

If you’ve previously bought Amazon gift cards on the Amazon website or app, then you won’t be eligible. You’ll get a message like this below:

Amazon gift card 2

Click on this link and see if you’re eligible for the Amazon gift card promotion.

If you get anything other than a button to add the promotion into your account, then you’re not eligible. Sorry, next time!

Here’s the tip:

You can buy one or a few gift cards totaling $50. Choose to give them as gifts to others or you can gift the entire $50 to yourself. Chances are you’ll buy something on Amazon later.

Once you get your gift card emailed to you, add the gift card to your account. You can learn more about how to apply an Amazon gift card to your account here.

Also, keep in mind the $15 credit will expire so you’ll need to use it before it does. Your credit will expire based on the terms, however, the gift card you purchased does not expire.

And here is the email you’ll receive once the credit has been applied:

Amazon gift card 3

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