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Change Your Credit Card Due Date and Manage Your Cash Flow

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Many credit card companies allow you to change your due dates. Doing so can help you manage your cash flow and achieve your financial goals easier. By having only 1 or 2 due dates per month, it can make paying bills simpler.

For most credit card companies, changing due dates is a quick and easy process and can be done by calling the toll-free customer service number or through the creditor’s website or mobile app.

How to successfully change your credit card due date

If you’re behind on payments, your credit card company may not allow you to move your due date. They may ask you to pay any past balances due before a due date change is made.

Are you experiencing financial hardships and can’t keep up with the payments? Speak to them about a plan to catch with a payment arrangement or a hardship plan.

Don’t ask what the next available due date is for your credit card. Take the time to create a budget and analyze your cash flow for the month. This will give you the insight you need to request the right date for your new due date.

Some people prefer to have all their monthly bills clustered at the beginning of the month. This helps them save the right amount of money from their paychecks from the previous month to pay their rent/mortgage, utilities, and other bills.

Note: Credit card due dates occur on the same date each month. Choose a date that occurs each month (i.e. 15th and not 31st or the 29th).

Change your due dates:

Need help managing multiple credit card payments? Consider consolidating credit card payments into one with a debt consolidation loan.

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