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Best Online Surveys App and Websites to Make Real Money

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A few months ago, I wanted to see if I could really make money with online surveys. I’ve done paid online surveys in the past, but this time I wanted to see how much I could earn in 24 hours. Sure, you can make money with online surveys but you won’t be showered with cash.

I used the following paid online surveys:

One thing to keep in mind, you earn the most from your initial signup and by referring family or friends. And there are minimum requirements to withdraw the amount for cash or gift cards. Once you have the cash, however, you can use it to pay off debts, add to your emergency fund, invest in fractional shares, or spend as you wish.

What are Paid Online Surveys?

Paid online surveys are offered by marketing companies that pay you to complete surveys. These survey companies are paid by clients to find the ideal customers for marketing research. In return, you earn money or points for every successfully completed survey.

How Do You Make Money With Online Surveys?

Choose one of the legitimate companies I’ve shared above or read my article on the best paid online surveys. You’ll be asked to signup with your full name, email, and other personal information such as your birthdate but never your Social Security Number.

The next step is verifying your email address so check your spam or promotions tab if you haven’t received it. Before you can start earning, you’ll be asked to complete your profile. This information is needed to qualify you for relevant surveys.

During the profile creation stage, you’ll be asked a series of questions that can be quite long and repetitive. It’s to ensure you’re reading the questions and answering truthfully.

How Paid Online Surveys Works

It’s simple to start make money with online surveys. Follow these steps:

  1. Find a legitimate company.

    Sign up for a company like InboxDollars or Swagbucks or any of the ones I listed above.

  2. Create your profile.

    A separate profile is needed for each company and this takes some time to complete. Be accurate with your personal information and eep honest with your answers. This helps you get the right survey offers.

  3. Get your surveys.

    You’ll get access to many surveys at once. Set up alerts when they are available. Remember surveys require a pre-qualification questionnaire. It may seem like you’re completing a survey but are simply being qualified.

  4. Take the survey.

    Once you’re selected complete the survey entirely. Surveys can be quick to multiple choices or require a few sentence response.

  5. Participate in offers.

    Some survey companies offer rewards for downloading apps or using partner services. These often can be the fastest way to earn cash.

  6. Earn rewards.

    With each completed survey you’ll earn points or pennies. Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold you can request to transfer the money into your checking account, Paypal, or request a gift card.

Where to Find Legitimate Paid Online Surveys?

With legitimate online survey sites, they want honest answers from real people. It doesn’t benefit them to have robots or fake personas. With too many phony responders, they’ll lose their marketing clients.

This means they require some personal information, but will not ask you to pay to access surveys. Remember, these survey companies make their money from their clients, not survey takers. Avoid paying anyone or any company to take surveys.

I found I earned the most with InboxDollars because of their Offers section. With Inbox Dollars, you can sign up for free offers and earn cash. It’s why I earned over $60 in one sitting. Getting incentivized to try out services I was already thinking about was a good deal for me.

You can find the best paid online survey opportunities by clicking here.

How to Maximize Your Earnings Potential

Join as many legitimate online survey companies

This may mean applying with a number of survey providers. Once you’ve signed up with these companies, keep in mind you may not qualify for every survey they offer.

Complete your profile

The survey company’s platform will determine your eligibility for specific survey opportunities. Update your profile as needed.

Read the questions and be honest with your answers

Before you take a paid survey, you will be answering qualifier questionnaires to determine eligibility.

Be patient

Sometimes you’ll spend a good amount of time on the questionnaires only to find you’re not qualified for that specific survey. It can be frustrating because you won’t earn points for prescreening questionnaires. Some apps will place you in a weekly or monthly drawing. But all apps will offer you additional survey opportunities.

Continue to log in

The systems are getting to know you, so they can match you with the right surveys. It will get frustrating to answer the same questions over again, but it’s just their way of ensuring consistency of your answers and to determine which surveys you qualify for.

When Do You Get Paid

That depends on the online survey company you’re working with. The amount you earned will most likely appear in your profile wallet after completing a survey.

When you make money with online surveys, you will receive your earnings as cash or points. Then you can redeem for a gift card, sent Paypal as cash, deposited to a checking account, or a check. Your rewards depend on the site. Again, most sites have a payout minimum that you must meet before you can request cash or gift cards.

List of Legitimate Paid Online Surveys Available to You

Not sure which to try? The great thing about the list is that you can try them all. Find the one that works best for you.

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