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Smile List: Best Micro-Investing Apps for Beginners 2019

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Micro-investing can allow you to start investing even if you do not have a substantial amount of capital or have a modest income.

Prior to micro-investing, I didn’t invest much outside of my old 401-k and IRAs. I was intimated when it came to buying stocks. Every time I pictured investing I thought of day trading (which is something different).

I like to tell people:

Investing money is for growth. Saving money is for storage.

If you’re saving money into an account that’s earning interest, then you’re already investing. That’s because your money is growing.

Now, if you want your money to grow more than the 1% (if you’re lucky) offered on some online savings accounts, then you want to invest that money for growth rather than storage.

Welcome to micro-investing.

Micro-investing enables you to invest as little as $5 in the purchase of shares of stocks or index funds. You don’t have to meet minimum balances or pay higher fees. You can DIY, let the app decide, or take recommendations offered.

4 Best Micro-Investing Apps of 2019

These micro-investing apps are easy to use and some are free or have a minimal monthly fee of $1.

Here are the micro-investing apps I use and recommend for you to review.

Acorns Core: Best for Your Spare Change

Acorns is an investing app that rounds your purchases on linked credit or debit cards and invests the amount in an automated investment portfolio. For example, you bought coffee for $3.25, Acorns will round up the purchase to $4.00 and move $0.75 into your Acorns account. Once your “Round-Ups” equal $5.00, it will be invested. You can also make one-time investments into your account at any time.

  • Rounds up your purchases and invests once $5 is saved
  • Make additional, automatic and scheduled investments
  • Get more investing dollars with “Found Money

Account Fees: $1 per month
Investment minimum: None
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Open an Acorns Core account and get $5 invested.

Stash Invest: Best for Knowledge Seekers

Stash offers micro-investing in a mobile app with features highlighting investor education. With Stash, you can easily select themed investments based on your beliefs, lifestyle or sector. For example, you can invest $5 in the internet sector which would include companies like Facebook and Google.

  • Theme based investment portfolios make it easy
  • Robust and interactive investor education feature
  • Set one-time transfers and recurring automated investments

Account Fees: $1 per month
Investment minimum: $5
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Receive $5 after completing the signup process.

Stockpile: Best for Buying Fractional Shares

Stockpile is an online brokerage with a twist. You can buy fractional shares of your favorite companies or index funds starting at $25. The platform is simple and visually appealing but with limited research features. Stockpile offers giftcards that can be given as gifts to help people begin to invest.

  • Simple and intuitive platform makes buying/selling shares easy
  • Buy fractional shares of stock easily
  • Give stock gift cards to others and to the children in your life

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: None
Trading Fees: $0.99 to buy stock from cash in your account

New Account Bonus: None

M1 Invest: Best for Growth Mindset

M1 Finance is a micro-investing and trading platform that is both good for beginners and seasoned investors. With M1, you get automated and free investing without trading fees and commissions. Choose to invest in what you want or choose portfolios created by their experts.

  • Automated free investing without trading fees or commissions
  • Offers automatic features such as rebalancing and reinvestments
  • Robust and interactive investor education feature

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: $100
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Receive $10 after completing the signup process and funded $100 within 90 days.

My Smile Summary: Get started with these micro-investing apps

You don’t need to have hundreds of dollars to start investing. Get started with these micro-investing apps. Find one or try them all and see which one helps you master investing and make your money grow. It helps that many of these have no minimums, account fees, and bonuses!

I’ve personally used these accounts for personal use and to specifically test features. The following are the balances on these accounts as of 10/10/19.

Acorns Core: $3,258.96

Stash Invest: $209.10

Stockpile: $604.64

M1 Invest: $677.33

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