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Best Free Stock Trading Apps 2020

Free stock trading apps offer access to zero-commission stock trades along with features and resources for better trades.

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Free stock trading platforms and apps provide a great opportunity to maximize your returns and keep trading easy and simple.

With stock trading, you’re actively buying and selling stocks. This requires an active role in researching and planning your trades. The goal with most stock trading platforms is to earn money in the trades. This means you bought a stock at $20 and sold it days or weeks later for $25 and made $5 gain.

There often is a bit more risk involved in trading. For those seeking a more passive approach, consider using a robo-advisor or micro-investing app instead. Learn more about the differences between robo-advisors and stock trading apps.

5 Best Free Stock Trading Apps of 2020

SoFi Active Investing: Best for Fractional Shares

SoFi Active Investing is an online brokerage that allows you to make free stock trading and zero-commission trades. SoFi Active Investing also gives you the ability to buy fractional shares of stocks and index funds called Stock Bits.

  • A commission-free online brokerage account
  • Ability to buy fractional shares
  • Get benefits of SoFi Membership

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: $1
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Get $100 worth of your favorite stock to start building your portfolio when you fund your SoFi Invest account with at least $1,000.

Get started with SoFi Active Investing >>>

Robinhood: Best Free Stock Trading

Robinhood is an online brokerage offering zero commission trading. It offers a streamlined investing app that is good for beginners and seasoned investors who desire simplicity and ease of use. Make trades of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and crypto.

  • Buy and sell shares with no commission fees
  • Easy to join and intuitive platform
  • Access stock performance history

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: None
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Get a free stock for opening an account and completing the signup process.

Get started with Robinhood >>>

Webull: Best Research and Community

Webull is an online brokerage offering free stock trading and zero-commission trades in a robust platform. Webull is for the intermediate and expert level investor but a newbie can benefit too. Webull offers comprehensive toolset to help you make trades like a pro.

  • Advanced and intelligent tools and services
  • Free real-time quotes provided are Nasdaq Last Sale
  • Community forum to chat with other traders

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: None
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Get a free stock for opening an account and get a second free stock for depositing $100.

Get started with Webull >>>

Public: Best Fractional Shares Buying

Public investing app is a zero-commission stock trading platform with a mission of making investing accessible to everyone. No matter the share price, you can own slices of stock with as little as $5. And you can follow other investors and learn from their portfolios and knowledge.

  • Invest in fractional shares called slices of stocks with as little as $5
  • Invest in the original ETFs from Vanguard, BlackRock, and others
  • Earn 2.5% APY interest on uninvested cash deposit of up to $10,000

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: None
Trading Fees: None

New Account Bonus: Open a Public account and get a free slice of stock.

Get started with Public >>>

Stockpile: Best Gift Giving

Stockpile is an online brokerage where you can buy fractional shares of your favorite companies or index funds starting at $25. A simple and visually appealing platform but with limited research features. Stockpile differs from other stock trading apps by offering gift cards to help people begin to invest.

  • Simple and intuitive platform makes buying/selling shares easy
  • Buy fractional shares of stock easily
  • Give stock gift cards to others and to the children in your life

Account Fees: None
Investment minimum: None
Trading Fees: $0.99 to buy stock from cash in your account

New Account Bonus: None

Get started with Stockpile >>>

My Smile Summary: Get started with free stock trading apps

Choose one of these free stock trading apps or try them all. Then decide which app or apps help you accomplish your goal of stock trading. Why try them out? It helps that these free stock trading apps have no minimums, account fees, and offer account opening bonuses too!

I’ve personally used these accounts for personal use and to specifically test features. The following are the balances on these accounts as of 2/14/20.

SoFi Active Investing: $280.03

Robinhood: $1,411.72

Webull: $552.89

Public: $31.65

Stockpile: $674.95

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