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The simplest way to master your finances, create wealth and live your best life.

Discover the Best Financial Apps and Products

We created a marketplace to search and find the best money tools to help you achieve your goals. From budgeting to credit score apps to online brokerages and banking services. 

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Hi, I'm Jason, founder and author of You Only Live Once. I created phroogal to help you get on the road to financial wellness. 

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Our vision is an empowered generation (that's you) living a more experiential and purposeful life.

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Financial Wellness​

The mission is to help you achieve your life goals through financial knowledge, access and community.

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Our Promise

To help you live financially well by providing you with access to the following:


A holistic approach to
better living through informed
financial decision making.


A marketplace to discover
products aligned with
your needs and values.


A group supporting and
encouraging you along your
journey to living well.

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