4 Ways to Supplement Your Income Without the Traditional Part-Time Job

Instead of spending time scrolling through social feeds or binge-watching Netflix, you can earn money with your free time. The money earned can be used towards your emergency fund, paying off student loans, or spent on a want.

You can earn extra money through a traditional part-time job working at a retail store, bar, or restaurant after your 9-5 work schedule. However, with traditional part-time jobs, you’re capped at the amount of money you can earn based on the hourly rate and the time worked.

If you’re looking for certainty of a second paycheck, then the traditional part-time job route is right for you. If you want to have a bit more control over how much you can earn, consider these alternative ways to earn money exchanging your time for cash.

4 Ways to Supplement Your Income Without the Traditional Part-Time JobThroughout the years, I discovered ways to supplement my income while I worked in building my business. I was able to earn money to pay for living expenses. These gigs allowed me the opportunity to earn money around my business schedule.

With these gigs, your time and skills are exchanged for money, but you get to decide when to work and how much you can earn. For example, while visiting my brother in South Jersey I was able to earn $7 in 4 minutes. I stopped at Walmart and snapped a few photos of a display to earn money using a Gigwalk, a smartphone app.

Have downtime during the week? Consider these money-earning opportunities.

Complete chores and tasks for family, friends, and strangers

We all have chores and some chores can be done by others. In fact, an entire business has been built connecting people to those who want chores done. You can first start by asking family and friends if they have any chores around the house that needs to be completed.

Asking family and friends can be tough. I challenge you to break the social taboo about money. Tell them you’re looking for ways to supplement your income to pay off debt or save extra money. It helps if you tell them exactly what you can do such as: cleaning out the garage, painting a room, moving furniture, unclogging a drain, or yard work.

Do you happen to be good at writing? Offer your services to help with resume writing, business plan creations, or editing a term paper.

Get your first gig by posting a message on Facebook or sending an email to family and friends. Also, ask them to share the message with their friends too. I’ve earned money a hundred dollars because a family member referred their friend. I earned money setting up their wifi network.

If you’re still uncomfortable asking family and friends, then consider connecting with others who need errands run, furniture assembled, or tasks completed.

Do secret shops, store audits, and surveys

Have a smartphone? Make money doing secret shops and product audits for companies such as Gigwalk, FieldAgent, and Mobee (they reward you with points redeemable for gift cards). These companies connect you to opportunities to earn money using your smartphone for store audits. As I mentioned above, I earned $7 in 3 minutes when I stopped at the Walmart near my brother’s house.

Occasionally, I’ll check the apps to see any local gigs available and read the requirements. Most gigs require uploading a few photos and answering a few questions. I’ve analyzed that I could make $200 doing 20 store audits/secret shops within a 10-mile radius. I determined it would take me 4 hours to complete. That means $50 per hour. Opportunities, however, are not always available.

Complete online surveys and start earning money giving your feedback with legitimate online survey companies.

Earn money with your car

There are two ways to earn money with your car. You can drive people to their destinations as a driver for Uber or Lyft. And you can also make money renting your car to drivers in need.

Driving with Uber or Lyft requires the use of their apps to connect with local passengers. Both apps allow you to choose when you’re available to drive people. Pick up as many passengers as you’d like on our time.

With Turo, you can list your car for potential drivers looking for a more personal experience when traveling for work or business. Turo states the average car sits idle for 22 hours a day which can earn you close to $10,000 a year. Now, you have a way to make that depreciating asset earn you money.

Sell items online or on mobile apps

Take a look around your house, in your closet, or garage. Do you see items you no longer need or use? Well, there are people who will pay you money to take it out of your home. I’ve sold many things online on Craigslist and Amazon. I’ve sold dressers, used clothes, old electronics, and musical instruments. In one weekend, I made $150 on Craigslist and $125 on Amazon.

You can earn money selling your used stuff like clothes, books, and DVDs, old smartphones, or items you find discarded on the curb. In fact, you could probably find used items at garage sales (or items family/friends want out of their homes when you offer your cleaning services) and sell for a profit.

Poshmark, Decluttr, Gazelle are helpful sites to help you discard your unused items. Consider posting your stuff on Amazon and eBay. If you want more local buyers, post the items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Selling your items does three amazing things: make you money, clean out your space, and keeps the items from the landfills. 

These are a few examples of how to supplement your income without the traditional part-time job. What other ideas do you have to earn money and supplement your income?

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