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Thanks for checking out Phroogal.  We’re glad you’ve stopped by so welcome to a better way of finding answers to your money questions.

In the surface, Phroogal is answers and access to financial knowledge however, we are more than just a Q&A platform.  We’re a movement of people that believes in living life rich through a better understanding of money and use of available resources.

What is Phroogal?

Phroogal is the simplest and easiest way to learn about money and improve your life. Phroogal was founded by Jason Vitug in 2013 with a mission to help millions of people live their dream lifestyle through an increase understanding of personal finance. Phroogal combines the human desire to connect and help one another by using a social ask-and-answer platform to share experiences and knowledge relating to personal finance.

Although the original word “frugal” often gets associated with “cheapness” or “thrift”, the Phroogal lifestyle is about living your dreams through a better understanding of money and the application of financial principals and tools.

We have some big bold ideas and working hard to make it happen.  You can learn more about our mission and team on our about page.  Check out our press section for media mentions.

Getting Started

Phroogal is based on an ask-and-answer platform so you can ask questions as they naturally come to mind. We believe too much information too soon can be too overwhelming.  Phroogal will give you relevant and reliable answers when you need it just-in-time to make financial decisions.

Let’s get started on increasing your knowledge of money.

Grow your knowledge.  Start your journey through our Money FAQs.  We’ve curated a list of questions and categorized based on personal finance topics.

Review the financial education sections.  Follow your own pace of learning. Have a question as you learn? Search the database or add your specific question then let the community help you with answers.

Contribute to the community.  Add your questions and share your answers.  The more you share the more valuable Phroogal becomes in helping millions of people find relevant and reliable answers and the best financial products.

This is just the first step in a long journey so make sure you register, come back often and add to the community.


When you register you’ll have your own profile that’ll give you access to:

• the Questions you’ve asked

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Ask Questions and Get Answers

We all have knowledge to share and not all answers will be relevant to all people and situations. Phroogal curates information and enables you to crowd source knowledge within a community. It’s not a forum for discussion or debate.

Easily sift through questions and discover answers that is relevant to your specific situation. Start by searching the database for your question.

Phroogal Search

If you cannot find your question, add your question or search through these fixed menu links: find Questions, view Frequent Asked Questions, discover questions based on Categories or Tags. The more involved the more points you earn increasing your authority through Badges.

Phroogal Ask a Question

To add a question, click on “Ask a Question” in which a popup box will appear. Complete the question in the field, select a category and add any details to clarify your question. By providing details, knowledge sharers will provide more focused and relevant answers to your question. Make sure you add relevant tags to help the discovery of your question.

Phroogal Add a Question

The Questions Main Page

The main page provides list of questions added to the knowledge-base.

Phroogal Main Page

1. Sort questions based on Recent, Trending, Unanswered or Smiles. Find questions easily based on these quick search functions.

2. Smiles are the number of times a phroogie has found the question helpful. Smile a question if you’d like to easily return to the question in your profile dashboard.

3. Finding the Answer circle colored means an answer has been curated by Phroogal or the original questioner as the best answer to a specific question.

Question Details Page

By clicking on a question, you’ll be sent to the questions detail page.

Phroogal Question Options

You have the following options:

1. Smile the question up if you found the question helpful and it will be added to your profile. You’ll be able to easily refer to the “smiled questions” in the future and help others discover questions you deemed helpful. Additionally, you can privately follow questions by clicking the “+” when it appears next to the question and receive answer notifications.

2. Read the answers by scrolling down. A “Best Answer” icon will appear if an answer has been chosen or curated to be the best for a specific question.

3. Smile = Vote an Answer up if you believe the answer was helpful. This helps other members discover useful answers on top.

4. Add your own answer or share your experience.

Phroogal Question Detail

Begin Using Phroogal

Want to get started in learning about personal finance and money? Start with these questions:

What’s your definition of wealth?

What are the differences between needs and wants?

How can I start a budget?

What are the differences between credit unions and banks?

How can I get a free credit report?

How can I get access to free credit scores?

How can I get out of debt?

What’s the best ways to start saving for retirement?

What are ways to start saving money?

Search for a specific question on the search bar and if it happens not to be in our database you have the opportunity to add it.

Want answers to you specific situation?  You can add your question anonymously and have fellow knowledgeable phroogies provide you answers.