Phroogal Resource Centers

Use our resource centers to help you take action with curated and recommended financial products and services. Click on a specific resource center to learn more.

College and Student Center

Preparing to enter college, still in school or just graduated use these resources to help you attend college and make the most out of your education. Learn about the financial aid process, everything you need to know about student loans and repayment, ways to lower college expenses and make money while focusing on your education. Continue →

Credit Reports and Credit Scores Center

Learn everything you can about credit reports and credit scores.  Get access to your free credit report from, learn how to establish, improve and rebuild credit.  Learn how to dispute inaccuracies and discover free tools and resources to use. Continue →

Credit Union Resource Center

Everything you needed to know about credit unions all on one page. What are credit unions and what products are offered? Search for a credit union to join, calculate deposit insurance and more. Continue →

Financial Aid Center

Whether you are a parent or a student the Financial Aid Center gets you started in understanding what you need to know about the financial aid process. Start your research here by learning about the various financial aid available, get links to government websites such as FAFSA and apply for private student loans. Continue →

Financial Education Online Games

Evidence has shown that playing games can help people learn and retain new skills. Enjoy these games centered around personal finance. We found them to be educational and quite enjoyable. Continue →

Financial Education Seminars

Grow your understanding of money to help you make better financial decisions that improve your overall wellbeing. From increasing your financial awareness to budgeting and everything you needed to know about credit reports and scores. Continue →

Financial Literacy Resource Center

Discover curated financial literacy resources from government organizations, nonprofits and financial institutions that have created some powerful guides and tools to help you learn more about money. Continue →

Government Agencies & Resources Center

Do you want a quick list of government benefits and available resources to help you with your finances? We have identified the government websites and agencies that help you with all matters of personal finance from financial education, consumer protection laws and federal benefits. Continue →

Identity Protection & ID Theft Center

Identity theft is the biggest and fastest growing crime in America. Learn what types of identity theft exists, how to identify ID theft and ways to protect your identity. Easily find resources to help you regain your identity, find sample letters and forms with quick access to resources and tools. Continue →

Military Resources and Veteran Benefits Center

Get accessed to financial education resources specific to military servicemembers and families. Learn about various programs and organizations that support the military lifestyle. Get access to military benefits, discounts and special programs. Continue →