Where can I find a credit union to join?

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There are over 6800 credit unions in the United States and finding one isn’t always that easy. Credit unions don’t spend a lot of money on advertising so you’re not likely to stumble onto them as you would a community bank or a nationwide big bank.

To find a credit union to join do the following:
  • Go to MyCreditUnion.gov or aSmarterChoice.org and search for a credit union in your area. Keep in mind you’ll have to qualify for membership but qualifying has gotten a lot easier so don’t let that deter you from finding a credit union close to home or your place of work.
  • Ask your family if they are a member of a credit union. You’ll be eligible for membership through a family member.
  • Ask your HR department and coworkers if they are a member of a credit union. Your employer may actually offer credit union benefits to employees but do not communicate about it.
  • Ask your friends if they are a member of a credit union. Your friends is a good resource and they may be able to suggest a credit union around town that they do business with and love.
Asked on November 11th, 2014 in Credit Union.
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