What companies buy unused gift cards?

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Gift cards are great presents when they are from a store you frequent and absolutely love. Otherwise that gift card is sitting in a drawer left unused.

The New York Post stated in 2014 alone, there will be $750 million worth of gift cards that will remain unused. The gift card industry raked in $118 billion in gift card sales in 2013.

That’s a lot of gift cards and even more money sitting in drawers or in wallets.  Because of the opportunity to tap into the market, their have been a growing number of gift card marketplaces that allow you to sell, buy or trade your gift for something you’ll actually use.
A few vetted websites that buy or let you sell your unwanted gift cards.

  • CardPool (www.cardpool.com) – is a marketplace where gift buyers and sellers can meet. Cardpool is the intermediary that handles the communication between buyer and sellers. Use thisl ink to get $5 off your first order.
  • Raise (www.raise.com) – a marketplace to buy and sell gift cards. It’s peer-to-peer selling. Raise also offers a rewards program for their marketplace members.
  • ABC Gift Cards (www.abcgiftcards.com) – buys back your unwanted gift card and sells you cards at discounted rates.
  • Gift Card Zen (www.giftcardzen.com) – is a gift card exchange marketplace to connect buyers and sellers.
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