Is it possible to follow my passion and still make money?

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We believe you can follow your passion and make money. Leisa Peterson of Wealthclinic agress, “Most definitely! In fact, by investing your time and energy into discovering your passion and then working towards earning an income is something that many entrepreneurs are doing every day. It takes time to figure out the intersection between your greatest passion and the area of greatest need in the world but that is exactly what you are looking for when it comes to creating a business. It is also possible to follow your passion and work for others which is a more reliable option, especially as you are getting started and learning your craft.”

There is a fundamental mindset that needs to change in order for you to be successful in pursuing a passion and profiting from it. Leisa adds, “The biggest challenge when you follow your passion is to pay attention to whether or not you have a belief that says you can’s be successful doing what you love. This is a limiting belief and can hold you back from realizing success even if your business idea is a great one.”

Asked in Elizabeth, NJ on May 5th, 2015 in Wealth.
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