How to find missing money?

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Missing money is forgotten money (unclaimed or abandoned) from old savings or checking accounts. It also might be unclaimed insurance payments, pensions, bonds, mutual funds, a rebate or settlement. What typically happens is that people don’t claim the funds because they just weren’t aware they existed or simple forgotten about it.

5 Websites to Find Your Missing Money – this is an official channel to find money that private organizations have sent to the state. Make sure you look up your name in each state you’ve lived in. Most states use this website. – is managed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators of many State Treasurer departments. Most of the links however will direct you back to
Treasure Hunt – if you think you have some missing savings bonds. Just enter your social security number and they’ll help you locate them.
Pension Benefit – this government agency tracks any corporate or federal pension that have never been claimed.
IRS Refund – if you had a refund that was not claimed or undeliverable, you can search for it on

Watch out for people who will charge you money for simply saying they discovered your name in a record. They can’t claim the missing money for you. You have to do the work to prove your identity.

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