How can you save money on pet care?

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For many, a pet is a very important part of the family. Having a pet means having another mouth to feed and another living being to take care of which is more money out of your pocket. Consider the following to lower your pet care expense:

  1. Spay or neuter your pet. To avoid having unplanned litter of kittens or puppies and to keep your animal healthy.
  2. Spend lots of time with your pet. Pets need attention and affection. The lack of interaction can cause behavioral issues and stress that could lead to costly medical conditions.
  3. Buy food in bulk. It might be more convenient to buy a small bag or can of food for your dog but that can be costly. Buy larger packages and use coupons to save.
  4. Consider making your own pet food. There are tons of blogs and websites dedicated in helping you cook homemade meals and treats for your four legged family member.
  5. Get pet insurance. Pets are living beings and therefore can and will get sick. An emergency veterinary visit could cost hundreds of dollars and a small operation could be in the thousands. Pet insurance will make expensive medical procedures affordable and available for your pet.
Asked in Elizabeth, NJ on February 20th, 2015 in Lower Expenses.
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