Let’s Increase Financial Capability Together

Our goal is to help millions of people easily discover financial information and resources. Along with our mission to build the easiest and better way to access financial knowledge online, we take a direct grassroots approach to address the financial access inequity in America.

We’re always looking for new relationships to spread financial knowledge to millions of people. We work with a number of companies and organizations to support financial literacy efforts. Our partnerships include:

•  Community Organizations and Non-profits
•  Credit Unions and Community Banks
•  Colleges and Universities
•  Student Associations
•  High Schools
•  Church Groups
•  Small and Mid-size Businesses and Startups

If you believe that knowledge is power, we want to hear from you. Let’s partner to increase financial literacy and capability in our communities.

Partnership Opportunities

•  Provide financial wellness seminars and webinars
•  Collaborate on eGuides and articles
•  Speak onsite on topics of personal finance and motivation
•  Assess and create a financial literacy program

Seminars and Webinars

We currently provide 7 financial education seminars from Introduction to Personal Finance to Credit Report and Credit Scores.  Review the list of our financial education seminars.

Check our most popular seminar below and ask us how we can deliver it to your group:

Note: We do not offer financial advice or one-on-one consultations but we do work with a number of people and companies who do.

Financial Brands, Credit Unions and Financial Experts

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Cobranding and APIs

If you’re a business interested in accessing the Phroogal knowledge-base for use in your own website, portal or intranet, please send a message.