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Money and Personal Finance | Frequently Asked Questions 

Financial Education through Questions and Answers

Increase your understanding of money and personal finance through bite sized answers. We’ve curated a list of the top questions searched to help you on your journey. Come back often as answers improve over time and through the growth of the crowd.

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Basics of Personal Finance 101

Why is financial education important and how does it lead to living richer lives. Learn about budgeting, banking and savings to get you started.

Personal Finance

What is personal finance?
Why is financial education important?
What is behavioral finance?
Is there a secret equation to obtain wealth?
What are the differences between needs and wants?

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What is a budget?
What are financial goals?
Why should I budget?
How can I start a budget?
What tools can I use to help me budget?

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+  What kind of products and services can I get from a bank?
+  How can I open checking account?
+  What is a credit union?
+  What are the differences between credit unions and banks?
+  How can I determine if my bank or credit union is right for me?

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What is a savings account?
What should I be saving for?
What are ways to start saving money?
How much money should I have in an emergency fund?
How can I save a million dollars?

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What does spending mean?
What is a spending plan?
+ What are your thoughts on spending?
What are some bad spending habits that are hard to break?
What causes us to spend over our budget?

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How can I get out of debt?
What options do I have to manage my debt?
Is consolidating debt a good idea?
+ What is bankruptcy?
What is the difference between credit counseling, debt management or debt consolidation?
How can I stop debt collectors from calling me?

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Basics of Personal Finance 102

Our relationship with money impacts our overall financial wellbeing. Learn about your mindset and how others build a healthy financial habit. Then, dive into identity theft, insurance, taxes, investing and retirement.

Money Mindset

What is the psychology of spending?
What is a lifestyle goal?
What are spending habits?
What does having a wealthy mindset mean?
Should I pay off debt or save?

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Identity Theft & Protection

What is identity theft?
What types of identity theft exist?
What to do when ID Theft happens?
How can I prevent identity theft?

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Insurance and Taxes

What is insurance?
What types of insurance exists?
What is the difference between whole and universal life insurance?
What are taxes?
When do I have to file personal income tax?

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What is investing?
What is the stock market?
What is a brokerage account?
What are stocks, mutual funds and bonds?
Should I start investing in the stock market?

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What is retirement?
What are the best ways to start saving for retirement?
What is a 401(k)?
What is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?
How much should I have saved for retirement?

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Basics of Credit & Financing

Learn about  credit reports and credit scores, various types of credit available and debt repayment options.  Search our database for  more questions related to the credit reports, financing and debt.

Credit Reports & Credit Scores

What is a credit report?
What information is found in a credit report?
What is a credit score?
How can I get a free credit report?
How can I get access to free credit scores?
How can I fix my credit report and improve my credit score?
How can I establish or start my credit report?

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How can I establish credit?
What types of loans exist?
What is an auto loan?
How can I apply for a loan?

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Auto Financing

What is auto financing?
How can I get an auto loan?
How do I decide whether to buy or lease?
How should I go about buying a car?
What are the ins and outs of car loans?
What is auto insurance?

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Buying a House

What is a mortgage?
How can I qualify for a mortgage?
What’s the difference between an ARM and a Fixed Rate Mortgage?
Where can I apply for a mortgage?
What is primary mortgage insurance?

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Credit Cards

What is a credit card?
Are credit cards a good idea?
What’s the difference between a credit card and debit card?
Where can I apply for a credit card?
Which credit cards are better: Rewards or Low Interest?

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