Money Terms and Definitions | Financial Glossary 

Want to know important terms in specific personal finance topics? Check out the curated lost of terms and definitions for each personal finance section of interest.

Banking Terms Glossary

Learn about specific banking terms from “Account Agreement” to “Wire Transfers.”

Financial Aid Terms

Understand the financial aid process by learning important terms associated with student aid from “Academic Year” to “Work-Study.”

Financial Services

Do you know the differences between commercial banks and other financial institutions? Want to know banks communicate with eachother? Learn terms from “Agreement Information” to “Wires.”

Investor and Investment Terms

Learn key terms and definitions relating to the stock marketing and investing from “Cap” to “Yield Term.”

Insurance Terms

Learn important insurance terms from “Accelerated Death Benefits” to “Whole Life Insurance.”

Mortgage Terms

Buying your first house or investment property? Read the terms associated with the mortgage loan process from “203(b)” to “Zoning.”

Personal Finance Terms

Learn all the key terms associated with personal finance. From “Adjustable Rate Mortgage” to “Work-Study.”

Real Estate Terms

Learn about the real estate process by understanding key terms and definitions.  From “Assignment of Deed of Trust or Mortgage” to “Trustee’s Sale Guarantee.”

Savings Bond Terms

Learn the terms associated with US Savings Bonds offered by the US Department of the Treasury.  From “Accrual-type Savings Security” to “Zero-Percent Certificate of Indebtedness (Zero-Percent C of I or C of I).”

Student Loan Terms

Know your student loans by knowing the terms associated with them. From “Academic Year” to “Withholding.”

Tax Terms

Taxes can be confusing but start with these important tax terms from “Ability to Pay” to “Withholding.”