Get Your Free Credit Scores

How To Get Your Free Credit Score

Knowing what’s in your credit report and understanding where you fall within the credit score range is important component of financial capability. There are three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides each consumer free access to their credit report from all three major credit bureaus once every 12 months. To access your credit report, visit

We’ve taken the time to review the following credit report monitoring and credit report and score access tools available. These are some of the best tools around and worth your time. The best part is that they are truly free with no credit card input required. You’ll need to enter your personal information to verify your identity but you won’t get surprised with an unexpected monthly charge.

To understand your credit you’ll need to know what is in it so check out these free credit report and credit score tools. Give all three a try to see how you compare. Then take any necessary steps to protect or improve your credit situation.