99 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money This Summer

Jay Z has no spending problems according to Phroogal

Don’t Spend Money This Summer

Summer is coming up, which means a lot of people are going to have free time. Free time usually leads to boredom, which often leads to urges to spend money, but here are some (actually, 99) things you can do instead of spending money. Whether or not you want to make them productive or learn from them is your choice, but they will all definitely save you some cash!

Jay Z has no spending problems according to Phroogal

1. Learn a new skill through a YouTube video

2. Organize your room

3. Add your financial questions to Phroogal.com

4. Have a movie marathon

5. Surf Reddit or Wikipedia to learn random and useful info

6. Bake (me) some cupcakes or cookie

7. Plant some plants/ mow the law

8. Spend an hour on Tinder and find love

9.  Go see something in your city that you have never seen before

10. Walk your dog

11. Try to collect all of the change you can find in your home and at public places

12. Make a playlist

13. Work out (to that playlist)

14. Start a blog

15. Take a nap

16. Do yoga

17. Arts and crafts

18. Make lists of things you want to do (bucketlist)

19. Play a sport

20. Learn how to code on CodeAcademy

21. Organize your computer’s desktop and files

22. Do the dishes

23. Go to farmers market or another free event

24. Clean out your closet (no, not like Eminem, but literally)

25. Donate the old clothes that you don’t need to charity.


26. Make a video documentary of your day

27. Write a journal (no, not the same as a blog)

28. Watch tennis (both the French Open and Wimbledon take place during the summer)

29. Watch the World Cup (Your friends will probably be watching it too)

30. Washes the dishes for once

31.  Find something that interests you on Meetup.com

32.  Start watching a new TV show (50 sit-ups in between episodes though)

33. Reply on blogs or message boards of your favorite sites

34. Rearrange the fen shui of your living room

35. Build things (shelves, desk, cabinets)

36. Clean your house

37. Take a shower after you clean your house

38. Write someone in another city a handwritten letter

39. Finish a puzzle

40. Play video games

41. Answer financial questions that you know the answer to on Phroogal.com

42. Organize your emails

43. Practice a new language using Duolingo

44. Clean out your garage

45. Have a garage sale

46. Call an old friend

47. Start preparing your taxes

48. Plan your monthly calendar

49. Try to get a celebrity to retweet you on Twitter

50. Edit photos on the computer

51. Origami

52. Dance

53. Take photo (or selfie, if that’s who you are) for Instagram

54. Sit at Starbucks and use their wi-fi

55. Board (bored) games

56. Print online photos and make scrapbooks/ collages

57. Wash your car

58. Volunteer for a charity

59. Paint or draw a picture

60. Meditate

61. Have a picnic

62. Tan

63. Update your resume

64. Clean out your kitchen

65. Go fishing

66. Organize your old receipts

67. Download free apps on your phone


68. Skype with a friend

69. Go for a bike ride

70. Hiking

71. Write a song or a poem and send it to an artist

72. Practice new hairstyles

73. Read a book (the actual thing or a tablet)

74. Do your laundry

75. Learn al of the constellations and look at the stars at night

76. Update all of your social media

77. Replace all of the old light bulbs in your house

78. Try cooking new recipes

79. Plan a dinner party

80. Play a game of cards

81. Go for a run

82. People watch at a café

83. Make future costumes out of stuff you already own

84. Troll on social media

85. Apply for lots of jobs (options are always a great thing to have)

86. Climb trees with your friends or by yourself

87. Go for a swim in the pool.

88. Schedule lunch meetings with people, important or simply casual

89. Come up with a business idea (maybe you’ll love it enough to not want to do anything else on this list)

90. Practice stuff that you really aren’t good at (Excel, handwriting, organization)

91. Find every old friend on Facebook

92. Make memes (just like I did with the featured photo of this article)

93.  Sit at the park without your phone and just enjoy the air (what did humans do before cell phones, radios, and other technology?)

94. Call into the local radio station and see if you can get on-air.

95. Open a group text with all of your friends- when someone is bored, it’s bound to blow up

96.  Paint your nails and give yourself a mani/pedi

97. Research your family’s ancestry online

98. Shave your face, legs, arms, chest or any other body part

99. Spread the word of Phroogal all over your networks


The key to not spending money is being busy. When you are busy earning your money, you do not have time to spend it. Hope these few ideas can help you either improve yourself or relax at a relatively low or free cost!

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  1. After plan a party, have a party with potluck. Have all invited guests bring an item to limit costs.
    Make party favors with items at home.
    Help grandparents with chores. What can I help you with today.
    When you go to the beach pack your food/drinks to save money.
    Work with neighbors to determine if they have books/magazines to share or if you are making a recipe to keep costs minimal see if they have certain ingredients, Always return the favor.
    Parents taking turns to carpool.

  2. Here are a few adds:
    * Set up a free website for you or a hobby via sites likke weebly.com
    * Write a book about you or one of your interests
    * Record a podcast and host it on a site like podbean.com or archive.org
    * Build the biggest Lego contraption you can (with your kids if you have any)
    * Flip through old pictures, you know, the kind we used to put in real books

  3. Thanks for 14 more ideas for the summer that I hadn’t thought of or tried yet. I didn’t know about Code Academy. I will definitely check it out.

    Here are 10 more, just for fun:

    Host a cooking class…at home. Invite a handful of close friends who bring their favourite recipe — you know the one you are always complimenting them on — and the ingredients and have them show you (and you them) how to make it just right. Then, you get to taste the outcome. I’ve done this one. It was SO MUCH FUN!

    Go play in the rain like a kid. Puddles are so much fun.

    Walk dogs or spend time with other animals at the local animal shelter. The dogs need the exercise and all animals are grateful to get some personal attention.

    Visit the local flower gardens. Many city and private gardens love to have visitors admire their hard work.

    Do a book swap with friends – everyone brings the books they’ve read and want to swap.

    Audit a course – many universities will let you attend some lectures in person for free.

    Plan your next vacation. Dreaming up where you would go and what you would do is the best part of travel.

    Catch lightening bugs for a personal light show or a caterpillar that you can feed and see transform into a beautiful butterfly.

    Make a rubber band ball. Nothing neater than a rubber band ball to keep the junk drawer tidier.

    Go to the local dock or pier and watch the fish, fishermen, birds and boats going by. The early bird gets to see the sunrise and the latecomer the sunset. If you have a fishing rod and tackle, bring that along too! You’re likely to meet some great people.

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