Phroogal  Empowers You To Make Better Financial Decisions

It’s the simple and easy way to learn about money and improve your life.

The Smile Lifestyle Phroogies

Phroogal crowd sources and curates financial knowledge through an ask-and-answer platform with the goal of helping you make better financial decisions with just-in-time financial education.

The Problem

Many lack access to trusted financial information, resources and experts. To make informed decisions, we’ve turned to search engines with queries resulting in an abundance of information that are based on search engine optimization tactics often burying relevant and reliable information. These search results strongly influence our decision-making and can contribute to poor financial decision-making.

Financial Capability and The Goldilocks Problem

Just Time

Although financial seminars and classes are needed as a foundation, the information learned is often forgotten by the time financial decisions are made. Additionally, financial counseling is offered too late when decisions has already led to financial distress.

The problem is the inaccessibility to relevant, reliable and trusted just-in-time financial information and experts for the common person. 

To improve financial capability, organizations create more seminars, programs and budgeting apps. These traditional financial education methods improve knowledge but do little to improve access or change purchasing behaviors. These efforts do not take into account the methods many people use in decision-making today – search engines and social interactions.

Our Solution

The reality is that we seek financial information on an ongoing basis to make financial purchases. In fact, we’ve found six in ten people use search engines to find answers to money questions and openly breaking the taboo on money through social media.

Phroogal combines how we learn about money and make financial decisions by combining search-and-social through an ask-and-answer platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is democratize financial knowledge and empower a generation to make better financial decisions through easy access to relevant and reliable information.

Phroogal is building the largest financial knowledge base, a marketplace for financial products and the easiest tool to connect you to trusted resources and experts. We have a bold vision to crowd source and curate the collective knowledge of many to help you discover the best financial services and make better financial decisions.

Phroogal Lifestyle

We call it #TheSmileLifestye. It’s a belief in living life to the fullest and making memories because of a deeper understanding of personal finance. To be a phroogie you commit to growing your knowledge and make strides in living richer lives. We’re not about penny-pinching and believe purchasing some things can add to a better lifestyle experience.

Smile Lifestyle Tenents

Phroogal History

Jason Vitug, a New Jersey native and former Silicon Valley resident left his financial services executive job to explore the world. During his backpacking trip through 20 countries in 12 months, Jason had an ephiphany while sitting atop an 8th century temple in Bagan, Myanmar. He was living his childhood dream and wanted to help others live theirs.

Jason has had his fair share of money problems and believes that accessibility to information and to experts has provided him the resources to make better financial decisions. He believes that everyone should equal access and a chance to live their dreams.

The general passion for personal finances and helping others led to the creation of Phroogal. Jason wants to solve the biggest problem preventing people from living their dream lifestyle and it was a combination of the lack of knowing and lack of access to relevant and reliable information.

Jason Vitug Phroogal Epiphany

Phroogal Philosophy

Phroogal is an extension of Jason’s philosophy that you can live your dreams by prioritizing what you love and need over wants and likes. Phroogal is about living life rich through money savviness. We can accomplish this through better access to just-in-time financial information to make better financial decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the simplest and easiest way to learn about money and discover resources that helps you live your dream lifestyle. 

The Focus on Financial Capability and Inclusion

Financial literacy is a big issue in America and many programs are aimed to improve the financial wellbeing of millions of Americans. The problem with all the programs and products created is that none have addressed the way people learn about money and make financial decisions. People rely on search to find answers that lead to an abundance of links, advertisements and search engine optimized articles that is often irrelevant and unreliable.

Financial education is a great foundation however people need a resource that combines just-in-time information with actionable steps and recommendation to help make better financial decisions.

What’s in a Name?

Frugality has increasingly become a common topic but frugal living often gets associated with “cheapness” or “thrift” and a not so appealing lifestyle of minimal uneventful living.  Jason took the word “frugal”, changed the spelling and defined it as living life rich through money savviness.

Phroogal Defined

Timeline Highlights

Phroogal Timeline


The Phroogal Jason

Jason Vitug

Founder and CEO

Jason Vitug is the founder of Phroogal. He holds an MBA and B.S. in Finance from Norwich University and Rutgers Business School.

Having worked in the financial services industry for 10 years, Jason championed workplace financial literacy nationwide. In 2012, he left his senior executive job in Silicon Valley to backpack through 20 countries in 12 months.

Jason lives a balanced life enjoying extreme outdoor activities, exploring natural and historical wonders, staring up at the night sky, practices yoga and meditation. [Read and Download Full Bio]

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